Clinical Services

Your one-stop destination for all your oncology-related diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic, and disease-monitoring testing needs.

* Our management team is composed of experts in oncology, immunology, and cytogenetics  and is available to offer insight and consultation on testing options.
* One-stop destination for all your oncology testing needs thanks to our comprehensive range of testing capabilities.
* Reporting provided with all results and interpretation from our expert team.
* Rapid turnaround times with secure on-line access to results.

CAP and CLIA Accreditation: Our promise of excellence and quality

NeoloMed is CAP and CLIA Accredited and our laboratory is GLP compliant.  Test results generated by our team of experts in our GLP compliant laboratory meet the most stringent quality requirements and regulations.

As a CAP and CLIA accredited laboratory, NeoloMed maintains extensive quality control measures to ensure the quality of the testing and results provided to our customers.  All department directors are continuously involved in the monitoring of quality and performance indicators as prescribed by CAP and CLIA regulations.

The following services are available to hospitals, clinics, CROs, and pharmaceutical companies: We can customize and develop clinical assays to meet the specific needs of your oncology-related clinical assessments.  Please contact us for a consultation of services.
Cap Accredited