Clinical Services – Molecular Genetic Testing

Molecular genetics aids in the understanding of genetic mutations that can cause certain types of diseases.  Molecular genetic testing identifies the following:
  • Changes in genes (missing or additional sections of a gene).
  • Changes in chemical bases within the DNA strand (i.e. missing, additional or altered bases).
  • Genes with too many copies, hyperactive genes, and silenced genes.

  • Example of DNA Sequencing Results:

    Available Molecular Biology Testing:
  • IGHV Mutation (CLL)
  • JAK2 V617F mutation (MPN)
  • JAK2 Exon 12 mutation (MPN)
  • MPL 515/505 mutation (MPN)
  • T-Cell Clonality (TCRβ) (Lymphoma)
  • T-Cell Clonality (TCRγ) (Lymphoma)
  • B-Cell Clonality (IGH) (Lymphoma)
  • BCR/ABL Qualitative (CML)
  • BCR/ABL Quantitative (CML)
  • BCR/ABL 1 Kinase domain mutation (CML)
  • KRAS mutation (CRC, NSCLC)
  • BRAF mutation (CRC)
  • EGFR mutation (CRC, NSCLC)
  • NRAS mutation (CRC)
  • NPM1 mutation (AML)
  • FLT3 mutation (AML)
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