Clinical Services - Onko-SureTM ELISA Assay

NeoloMed is pleased to now offer Onko-SureTM ELISA assay for the monitoring of CRC

According to the National Cancer Society, there are 1.1 million people with colorectal cancer (CRC) in the U.S. and over 10 million colorectal cancer survivors.  Effective monitoring for disease recurrence is a crucial element of the treatment plan (post-surgery) for CRC survivors.

Onko-SureTM is the first new cancer test to be USFDA approved for the monitoring of CRC – it is used to check for cancer recurrence or disease status during the treatment process. 

Onko-SureTM DR-70® (FDP) ELISA assay is an ELISA assay which measures a full array of the Fibrin and Fibrinogen Degradation Products (FDP) in human sera.

  • The FDP measured in the sera from CRC patients is primarily produced by plasmin cleavage of either fibrin or fibrinogen.
  • Cleavage of fibrinogen produces fragments D and E, as the primary end products.
  • Thrombin converts fibrinogen to fibrin in response to signals from the coagulation cascade.
  • Cleavage of fibrin by plasmin produces D-dimer as a primary end-product.
  • Depending on the original substrate, the FDPs detected by the DR-70® (FDP) ELISA assay will include fragments D and E as well as D-dimer.
  • The DR-70® (FDP) ELISA assay measures FDP generated from the cancer induced FDP production pathways; this assay detects the full complement of FDP components.

FDP production is restricted in healthy individuals; but is over-produced by proteolytic enzymes, such as plasmin and thrombin – which are released by cancer cells and are a byproduct of other cancer-related processes

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